Big ideas about the web.

Come see our new colors

After about three years, we decided it was time for major renovation around here, and we decided to go all in. Not only new colors (which we feel better fit our personality), but also a new font (we have a history with Proxima Nova), and better responsiveness (responsive web design was only in its infancy when we designed the previous version of this website, and we were so busy being responsive for everyone else that we left our home behind). And not to forget the sweet kitchen-themed icons Francesca Komel designed just for us.

This renovation has also given us a chance to play with new toys, such as CSS’s Flexible Box module, SVG images, and some complicated (but very fun) Sass mixins.

Also, we added a Resources section, which hosts a growing repository of information for clients, as well as fellow designers, developers, and drupalistas.

Last, but not least, we’ve decided to respect the original spirit of the web and get rid of our copyright. Now most of our content is available under a Creative Commons license.