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Drupal modules

These are some of the Drupal modules we’ve created and made available on

User Merge

This module helps site administrators handle duplicate accounts by merging any information related to them. We’ve contributed version 2 for Drupal 7, which enhances the ability to control how data is merged. It also provides the Self-Serve User Merge submodule, which allows users to merge different accounts they own, without the help of an administrator.


This module replaces the regular Drupal login form with a modification of the password-request form, to give the possibility to log in without using a password.

Reference Delete

This module deletes values in reference fields created with the Entity Reference module or the References module when the referenced entity is deleted.

File Filter

This module adds an input filter that allows content creators to add themed files to the body of a node, using minimal and very intuitive syntax. The advantage lies in the fact that links to files in the body are created dynamically, which prevents broken links in case of moved media. A simple fail-safe mechanism is provided for cases in which media is actually missing, or the wrong syntax is entered.

Formatted TItles

A Drupal 7 module that allows to use text formats on the titles of entitites of any kind.